The Twelve Days of Christmas Cost A Pretty Penny

The Three French Hens are a bargain at a cost of only $182.00, while on the high end, the Nine Ladies Dancing are $7,553.00, quite a bit more than the Ten Lords A Leaping at $5,508.00.

When you add it all up, including the repeats, you will have sent your true love gifts that cost you a nifty $155,407.00, according to the Christmas Price Index as calculated by PNC Advisors, a unit of the PNC Financial Services Group, Inc.

Even without the repeats, the one time cost for all twelve is a pricey $34,131.00.

Ready To Shop
Oh! Oh! Here Come The Bills!

Two Turtle Doves are still a reasonable $290.00. The Partridge In A Pear Tree, with the cost of the two combined is $215.00 this year. Six Geese A Laying are $360.00 with Eleven Pipers Piping costing $2,635.00, just a little less than Twelve Drummers Drumming which will set you back $2,854.00. The real bargain though, is for the Eight Maids A Milking at $58.00.

The Seven Swans A Swimming come in this year at $13,125.00.


Five Gold Rings stayed at $750.00 and the Four Calling Birds are now $600.00.

These costs are for traditional shopping. If you decided to use the convenience of the Internet, the prices would definitely increase. Of course, it might be worth the extra cost to see how the delivery companies deal with it all. Our guess...Probably resembles a Three Stooges routine!

One More Thought...Do the Eight Maids A Milking bring their own cows? If not, we found a Swiss farmer who was renting cows...and you get to keep the cheese!

Is It Enough?
Last Thought...So who pays for the clean up?
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