Did You Know…?

Did You Know...?Did you know that Moe’s wife Helen was Harry Houdini’s cousin? Did you know that Moe worked as a lifeguard in the 1920′s between his vaudeville gigs? Well, now you do! Nyuk! Nyuk! Nyuk!

We get questions all the time about certain shorts and certain bits and about The Three Stooges lives off the screen. With a body of work as extensive as theirs, there are a lot of interesting bits and pieces about The Boys. So here are a few questions and pieces of trivia about these comedy icons. Yes, we will give you the answers to the questions. What do you think we are, morons? Ooops, since The Three Stooges are members of the A.A.M. maybe we are!

So that would be the first question: What is the A.A.M.? The Boys were members of Local 6 7/8 of the Amalgamated Association of Morons. Now here’s a question for you to ponder: This came from which short? The answer is at the end of the article.

BoxingWhile that is Curly in the ring, it was Larry that boxed professionally under the name Kid Roth. Amazingly he received no major injuries but he did break a finger filming The Three Stooges very first short! We won’t ask the name of that first short because as Three Stooges fan you already know it was Woman Haters. If for some reason you didn’t know that you should turn in you’re A.A.M. card! But we will ask what was unique about the dialog in this short? Again, we will give the answer at the end of the article.

Curly’s pate always looked the same, except, of course, when The Boys were wearing hats or occasionally sprouting wigs. To keep his look he had to clip his hair all the time. He did it himself once a week. Here’s a question: When he joined Larry & Moe after Shemp left to go on his own, who initially cut his hair? After this event they changed his nickname to ‘Curly’. What was his nickname before the shearing? By now know where the answers will be!

HairTonicSpeaking of Curly, his name was listed in the credits as ‘Curley’ in the first Columbia short. When did it change to ‘Curly’? You have two choices here: Either the number of shorts before the change or in which short did it change.

Movie Minutiae
Okay, okay, they were shorts! Anyway, do you know what was significant about 1953′s shorts ‘Spooks’ and ‘Pardon My Backfire’?

No? They were both in 3D. Also, these were some of the very first films released in 3D. While the process had been around for decades, it was expensive and theater operators had to use two projection systems to exhibit 3D films.

But the motion picture industry jumped on the 3D bandwagon heavily in 1953 in an effort to recapture audiences that were lost to the new kid on the block: television. So Three Stooges fans donned the two color glasses (a red lens and a green lens) and watched Larry, Moe and Shemp eye poke, throw knives and the rest of their shtick in glorious 3D. How many more 3D shorts did The Three Stooges make?

LadiesThe short ‘Self  Made Maids’ from 1950 was unique as Larry, Moe and Shemp played all the parts. They played themselves, their three fiances, the three of them as infants and Moe also played the fiances’ father.

The Boys played the girls in drag and were paired up like this: Larry with Moella, Shemp and Larraine and Moe with Shempetta.

There’s even a picture on the wall of Shemp and Larraine (Larry) that’s actually a ‘live action’ shot as they scratch at ant bites.

Split screen and matte techniques were used since the Boys and the girls had to appear together on screen. A lot of roles, costume changes and set up for a 16 minute short. Quite innovative for the time, but The Three Stooges were always on the edge, whether with content or technology.

SaloonAs we said, here are the answers:

A.A.M. comes from Half Wits Holiday. Moe initially cut Curly’s hair whose nickname at the time was ‘Babe’. The Boys made only the two 3D shorts referenced in this article.

Now weall know the answers so we all get to keep our good standing as A.A.M. members! Nyuk! Nyuk! Nyuk!