Playing Around With Larry, Moe & Curly

Playing AroundWe get a lot of questions from fans about the gags, scenes and bits found in The Three Stooges shorts. Often the question has a virtual word for word recounting of a scene and asks us ‘which short has this scene?’ Many are about the same scene or short so we decided to spotlight some famous scenes, match them up with the short and add a few little details that we think you will find informative and amusing. So here we go:

The Question: Larry, Moe and Curly go to ‘shoot golfs’ and tear up the course, literally. Which short?

Golf TrophiesThe Answer: The famous golf scenes are from Three Little Beers, released November 28, 1935. The golf sequences were shot on location, identified in the short as Rancho Golf Club. The actual course used was the Rancho Park Golf Course on Pico Boulevard on the Westside of Los Angeles. Rancho Park was among the host courses for the PGA’s Los Angeles Open (now the Nissan Open). In fact, this is the course were Arnold Palmer took his famous 12. There’s a plaque at the par 5 18th hole to commemorate Palmer’s travails.

Three Little Beers also saw a number of ‘firsts’ including:

  • First Stooge film listing for Jules White in the credits (Producer).
  • First credit listing for Bud Jamison (A. Panther).
  • First appearance of British born Eddie Langton, who appeared in over two dozen shorts and traveled with The Three Stooges as a straight man.

The Next Question: ‘Slowly I Turned…’. The famous Niagara Falls bit came from which short?

Just MarriedThe Answer: Well, after we ‘step by step’ and ‘inch by inch’ we find this famous bit in the September, 1944 release Gents Without Cents. Larry, Moe & Curly had actually filmed the whole ‘Niagara Falls’ routine a year earlier for the Columbia feature Good Luck, Mister Yates. The scene was edited out and never made it to the screen until The Boys reprised the bit for this short. Another great verbal gag in this short is Curly’s ‘goslow’ line when he misreads the Go Slow sign.

Curly also makes a reference to the radio as a ‘boogie woogie box’. This was very appropriate as a big recording hit in 1944 was the Andrews Sisters ‘Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy’. In fact, the Andrews Sisters (Patty, Maxine and LaVerne) were the inspiration for the Boys love interests in this short, the singing and dancing sisters Flo, Mary and Shirley.

USOThis short also gives us a real historic snapshot of what a real World War II USO show looked like, as the premise of the short is The Boys as entertainers performing for the troops at a shipyard. To find out more about The Three Stooges USO appearances, read ‘They Also Served’ from the Archives.

Another Question? Soitenly! How many films did The Three Stooges make?

Math BoardAnswer: We get this question, in many variations, all the time. While not a question about a specific bit or short but it fits here because the bulk of The Three Stooges film works were their shorts. Also, ‘films’ takes in a lot of ground because of the various types of on screen appearances and performances by The Three Stooges. Should we also count the animated series from the mid 1960′s that included filmed wraparounds? Cameos?

The collective film work of The Three Stooges  shorts, features and cameos  numbers over 200 and, using release dates, stretches over 40 years.

So, you say, what’s the exact number? Well, here’s what we are going to do…we’ll use the number found in the Filmography section. Now go look at the Filmography and you can count them yourself!