Stooges Of All Trades

Opening CreditsThe Three Stooges film labors created a lasting legacy of laughter. Read on and enjoy.

Most of you know that the Boys were doctors in Men In Black, football players in Three Little Pigskins, society types in Hoi Polloi and exterminators in Ants In The Pantry.

Calling All Curs is pretty easy to figure out: It almost has to be either Policemen or Firemen – as is Tooth Will Out : Dentists. Tailors is pretty obvious with Three Little Sew and Sews as a title. It’s not a great leap to see them as musicians in Rhythm and Weep.

Many of the shorts’ titles, however, don’t really give a clue to the occupations portrayed by the Stooges. Some even lead you to a wrong conclusion. So here’s an even dozen occupations and a list of titles. See if you can figure out what trade they plied in which short:

1) Carpenters 2) Salesmen 3) Painters
4) Psychiatrists 5) Census Takers 6) Beauticians
7) Photographers 8) Garage Mechanics 9) Custodians
10) Tree Surgeons 11) Wallpaper Hangers 12) Law Officers

Now, here are the titles:

A) Cookoo Cavaliers
B) Three Sappy People
C) Tassels In The Air
D) Gem of a Jamb
E) Pardon My Scotch
F) Dizzy Doctors
G) Three Troubledoers
H) Higher Than A Kite
I) A Bird In The Head
J) Some More of Samoa
K) Don’t Throw That Knife
L) Dutiful But Dumb

Stumped? Well, that’s okay because we matched up the occupations with the shorts for you. Click here and you will see what they did in each of these shorts.