The Three Stooges Hot Sauces Ready To Go!

Here’s a zesty, stimulating and invigorating treat: Three Stooges Hot Sauces! They’re ready to go so get some today. There’s three terrific sauces: Curly’s Knockout, Mo Hotta & Larry’s Lightning. Each has a distinctive blend and flavor made with the finest ingredients for great taste.

Three Stooges Hot SaucesPick Three!

Get one of each and you’ll save some money and get a free Three Stooges fridge magnet that’s Poifect for keeping handy notes; like when you need to order some more Three Stooges collector hot sauce! Wow! What a deal!

~ Curly’s Knockout Hot Sauce  packs a wallop like a punch from K.O. Stradavarius! Filled with fresh garlic and the fiery habanero, Curly’s Knockout Sauce will thrill your taste buds and have you hollering Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk!

~ Moe Hotta Hot Sauce gives you a triple slap without the whap! Made with a lots of fresh goodies, like carrots and onions, along with the fiery habanero, Moe Hotta Hot Sauce is pleasing to your taste buds!

~ Larry’s Lightning Hot Sauce might not shock your hair so it looks like Larry’s but it will give you a good jolt! Made with a Louisiana flair of flavor, this Cayenne concoction will have you screaming Woob, Woob, Woob…with pleasure!

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By The By: Your Three Stooges Collector Hot Sauces will spice up and add flavor to all your favorite dishes…Even bologna and whipped cream! Nyuk! Nyuk! Nyuk!