Top Ten Three Stooges Summer Shorts!

Summer Fun with The Three Stooges

We all know The Three Stooges look good in shorts… film shorts that is. Now that summer is in full swing take advantage of the long days and let Larry, Moe and Curly bring the sunshine. Whether you are enjoying some alone-time, binge watching, planning an at-home family fun Stooge Fest, or looking for summer activity tips, grab a cold Wise Guy Root Beer and slap on some shorts!

Here’s our Top 10 Three Stooges Summer Shorts

1. RESTLESS KNIGHTS – The first stop is the beach. West Coast, East Coast, Gulf Coast; everywhere the sea meets the sand means summertime fun. Whether you are swimming, surfing, or building sand castles, the beach requires the appropriate attire. For Soaking up the sun in style watch Restless KnightsBelieve us; you’ll stand out from the crowd!

Enjoy the clip from Restless Knights and see summer fashion and wrestling at its finest.

2. THREE LITTLE PIGSKINS – NFL training camps are opening so football fans across the land will be watching the rosters. Lots of you will be looking for the edge for your Fantasy Football League so get some moves from Larry, Moe and Curly from Three Little Pigskins, especially for that all-important kicking game.

3. WHOOPS, I’M AN INDIAN – Summer is a good time to get outdoors, especially to all those fishing spots that were snowed over in the winter. With the spring thaw come and gone, now is the perfect time to take some fishing lessons from Whoops, I’m An Indian. Break out the canoe and use The Three Stooges unique angler attitude at your favorite lake! Skunk-skin cap optional.

4. THREE LITTLE BEERS – Perhaps golf’s your game. If so, The Three Stooges will demonstrate how to ‘shoot golfs’ to find those elusive birdies and eagles! Get some tips for your address and learn to line up putts the unique Larry, Moe and Curly way from Three Little Beers. Of course, you’ll want to look your best on the first tee so the same short will give you some new ideas for your golf wardrobe! Take note: Here we have the vertical stripe look to compliment the horizontal stripes from the aforementioned beachwear. Wow, we can almost build a whole wardrobe with these guys!

5. WE WANT OUR MUMMY – Road trip! Summer is a good time to travel so get Larry, Moe and Curly’s take on travel togs and transportation essentials from We Want Our Mummy if you decide to visit the more exotic locales.

6. NUTTY BUT NICE – If your plan to visit closer to home, how about a trip to the Grand Canyon to check out your echo skills like The Boys in Nutty But Nice.

7. AN ACHE IN EVERY STAKE – We all love snow cones and ice to beat the heat. This clip from An Ache In Every Stake gives new meaning to the term ‘shaved ice.’

8. LOCO BOY MAKES GOOD – Summer music fun. Always nice to entertain friends and guests at barbecues or poolside with our vocal and musical talents like The Boys do in Loco Boy Makes Good.

9. IDIOTS DELUXE another showcase for The Boys musical talent is Idiots Deluxe. Testify!

10. By overwhelming response, the fan favorite summer short is Disorder in the Court. Watch out for tarantulas this summer!