Match The Three Stooges Game Review!

cYlaFhMzoj57297ae56241aHaving a match three game with The Three Stooges is definitely an odd thing but in a market filled with interesting games, this is surely one of the most intriguing and exciting ones to say the least.

There are around 100 levels to choose from in here and honestly, each one of them tends to get increasingly difficult. I consider this to be a masterpiece for all those persons that loved The Three Stooges because you do obtain an immense value from playing this. And honestly, the more you play, the better the gameplay will get as there are new songs and background images that will showcase the Stooges in all of their glory.

Level music is insanely good to be honest and I did have quite a lot of fun as I was exploring the numerous challenges you can find in here. In total they added 20 songs and in the end I felt that I want to listen to more, that’s how good the soundtrack really is.

The visuals are a little different from this perspective. There are no moving backgrounds when compared to other titles out there, but you do have quite an immense value as a whole and I do appreciate the effort they placed here. The visual style is surely unique and it does boost quite a lot of value right from the start. It’s unique, different, varied and filled with fun, which is something that you are definitely going to enjoy.

Then there are many hilarious dialog pieces that make the title even more funny than you would expect. You can definitely enjoy the story found here but the dialog is what will keep you going in the long run. It does manage to offer that insanely fun, high-quality value that you would like from the game and the entire experience is basically built around that which is what matters the most.

I loved the way the game works and plays but make no mistake, there is a challenge to be had here. The attention to detail is very good and the game is close to being perfect as a match three title, but the visual style does make it distinct and not everyone might like it because of that.

Performance-wise, Match The Three Stooges works amazingly well and really manages to offer a great value as a whole. I liked the attention to detail they placed in order to optimize the game and thankfully the results are very good as a whole.

From performance to graphics and the gameplay experience in total, Match The Three Stooges does offer a great value and maybe some of the best gameplay choices out there. No matter if you are a fan of the Three Stooges or not, you will definitely enjoy the great gameplay so just check this out as you will not regret it!

App Games Score: 8/10

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