DIY With The Three Stooges

This time of year is a good time to catch up on household chores, DIY projects, and prepare for the Holidays! After you’ve finished, you can Curly up with a hot beverage in your favorite Three Stooges mug and watch some film shorts.

Here are some handy tips from Larry, Moe and Curly (and Shemp) to get all your projects done poifectly!

“Get the tools,” enjoy the following slideshow and let The Boys show you how it’s done.

Some of our favorite Three Stooges film shorts with a DIY remodeling theme:

1. Tassels In The Air

2. Monkey Businessmen

3. A Plumbing We Will Go

4. Spooks

5. Rip, Sew, Stitch

6. Cash and Carry

7. Loco Boy Makes Good

The Three Stooges Slideshow (hover or touch photo for description)

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