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Happy Birthday Curly!

Happy Birthday Curly!

Curly. That single word evokes an image and brings smiles and laughter to every corner of the globe. It is instantly recognized and in the mind’s eye a picture appears of one of the funniest men to ever share his talents. To paraphrase an old adage, it’s a word worth a 1,000 pictures or at least the 97 Columbia shorts he made with Moe and Larry! Read More »

Halloween Recipes

Candied Apples Ingredients 2 Cup granulated sugar 2 Cup corn syrup 1/3 Cup cinnamon candy 1 Cup water 3/4 Tsp. cinnamon 1/2 Tsp. vanilla 1/4 Tsp. cloves 3/4 Tsp. red food coloring 6 Med apples Preparation Remove stems from apples … Read More »

Happy Birthday Larry!

Larry’s birthday is October 5th. He was born on Philadelphia in 1902. He began his career in vaudeville and his act included playing the violin. Larry met his wife Mabel while both were performing in vaudeville as Mabel performed with her sister Loretta as the Haney Sisters. They often performed at the same venues at the same time on the various vaudeville circuits. That’s Larry with Mabel and their daughter Phyllis. Read More »

Fright Night With The Three Stooges

What better way to prepare for Trick or Treat time than with Spooky Three Stooges Shorts. The Boys met up with their share of ghosts, goblins and assorted scary types so to get in the mood to go haunting on Halloween, turn out the lights and tune in these shorts for some delights and frights! Read More »

The Three Stooges: A Starring Attraction

The next time you’re taking a stroll on Hollywood Boulevard, head south a bit to 1560 Vine Street and you will find The Three Stooges Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Yes, not all the stars are on Hollywood Boulevard. There simply isn’t enough room. Also it was decided to use Vine Street long ago with some of the real heavyweights from show business because Hollywood & Vine is the historic center of Hollywood. So The Boys are near the historical heart of the area, which is fitting. Read More »

Happy 4th of July!

July 4th will always be remembered and celebrated as Independence Day. There were some other interesting happenings on that date in history, including some births worth mentioning and some notable Three Stooges events. Among those born on the Fourth of … Read More »

Happy Birthday Moe!

Moe Howard was born in Bath Beach, now called Bensonhurst, a Brooklyn suburb, June 19th, in 1897. Everyone knows Moe as a member of The Three Stooges.  Click for article What many don’t know is that his early acting was … Read More »

Happy Father’s Day

Okay, you called Mom on Mother’s Day. You did, right? Good. So now we turn to Dad and his day. Yes, we know Father’s Day is a few weeks away but we want to make sure you get it on … Read More »

Please Remember

                            Memorial Day began as a remembrance of those who had served and died in the Civil War. It was originally known as Decoration Day as the … Read More »

Happy Mother’s Day!

To see how Larry, Moe and Curly dealt with Mother’s Day, check out the short All The World’s A Stooge from 1944 when Mrs. Bullion wants to adopt war refugees and ends up with The Three Stooges. There’s some great … Read More »