Beer Barrel Polecats

Production Information

Studio: Columbia
Production Number: 4045
Release Date: 1/10/1946
Running Time: 17:21

Cast & Crew

Producer(s): Jules White
Director(s): Jules White
Screenwriter(s): Gil Pratt
Story By(s): Gil Pratt

Stooges: Curly Howard, Larry Fine, Moe Howard
Cast: Robert Williams, Vernon Dent, Al Thompson, Blackie Whiteford, Eddie Laughton, Bruce Bennett, Emory Parnell


Trouble brews when the Stooges decide to make their own beer. Oh no, they all put in the yeast! Contains footage from previous Stooge shorts “In the Sweet Pie and Pie” (1941) and “So Long, Mr. Chumps” (1941).


  • Who puts in the yeast? They all put in the yeast!CURLY: Oh boy! It’s done. Look at all the beer we got.

MOE: Oh boy! Say! You know. I don’t want to pour any cold water on this project. But it seems to me there must be something wrong.

LARRY: Oh you’re crazy! We followed directions. I put the yeast in myself.

MOE: You’re crazy, I put the yeast in.

CURLY: You’re both crazy! I put the yeast in.

MOE, LARRY, AND CURLY: We all put the yeast in.


  • The Boys unsuccessfully search for a glass of beer in Beer Barrel Polecats. The Rite Bar is which number they try? (A: Number 16)


  • InĀ Beer Barrel Polecats, The Boys make 185 bottles of beer.


  • How many years have The Boys been in prison when Curly says: “I’m gonna get myself a tall, big beautiful bottle of beer.”? (A: 40)


  • The last short to feature supporting actor Eddie Laughton. He was born the same year as Curly, and died the same year as Curly.

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