Three Little Beers

Production Information

Studio: Columbia
Production Number: 210
Release Date: 11/28/1935
Running Time: 16:16

Cast & Crew

Director(s): Del Lord
Producer(s): Jules White
Screenwriter(s): Clyde Bruckman
Story By(s): Clyde Bruckman

Stooges: Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Curly Howard
Cast: Bud Jamison, Harry Semels, Jack ‘Tiny’ Lipson, Eddie Laughton, Frank Terry, Nanette Crawford, Eve Reynolds, George Gray, Lew Davis, Frank Mills


When the Stooges learn their Brewery is having a golf tournament, they sneak off to a nearby course to get in some practice. Features famous Brewery “Panther Brewing Co.”


  • Press, Press, Pull
    The Stooges enter a private place saying that they’re from the press. Each walk by the front desk with a little button saying “Press.” Curly, with his usual brainy self, says, “Pull.” Curly’s button usually has some part of it still attached, as it was ripped off of something in the men’s room.


  • Several things hidden in shirt
    Curly has several things hidden inside of his shirt. When Moe bops him on the head, however, all the things in his shirt fall out.


  • Who says ‘how we gonna shoot golfs without guns’ in Three Little Beers? (A: Curly)
  • In Three Little Beers Moe says ‘Grab a bag of bats, killer’ to whom? (A: Larry)
  • He wore the V-neck sweater in Three Little Beers. (A: Larry)

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