Larry, Moe & Joe Besser

Hoofs and Goofs

Release Date: 1/31/1957

Sister Bertie is reincarnated as a talking horse. First Stooge short for Joe Besser replacing Shemp. Note that Joe does not receive any physical slapstick as stipulated in his contract with Columbia. Read More »

Muscle Up a Little Closer

Release Date: 2/28/1957

Joes girlfriend discovers her diamond ring is missing. First Stooge short in which Larry does not frizz his hair and Moe combs his bangs back over his forehead. Read More »

A Merry Mix-Up

Release Date: 3/28/1957

Three sets of triplets, who have lost touch with each other, show up at a restaurant and confound their girlfriends. Read More »

Space Ship Sappy

Release Date: 4/18/1957

The Stooges travel by rocket ship to the Moon and encounter women cannibals and a giant reptile. Read More »

Guns A Poppin!

Release Date: 6/13/1957

Moe suffers a nervous breakdown and travels to the country with Larry and Joe for peace and quiet rest in a cabin. Remake of Stooge short “Idiots Deluxe” (1945). Read More »

Horsing Around

Release Date: 9/12/1957

Sequel to Joe Bessers first Stooge short “Hoofs And Goofs” (1957), in which Joes sister Bertie is reincarnated as a talking horse. Read More »

Rusty Romeos

Release Date: 10/17/1957

The Stooges each try proposing to the same girl. Remake of Stooge short “Corny Casanovas” (1952). Read More »

Quiz Whizz

Release Date: 2/13/1958

Joe wins a $15,000 jackpot and the Boys find hes invested the money in Consolidated Fujiyama California Smog Bags. Read More »

Fifi Blows Her Top

Release Date: 4/10/1958

Joe frets about his long-lost love Fifi, and the Boys reminisce about long-lost loves. Remake of Stooge short “Love At First Bite” (1950). Read More »