Ants in the Pantry

Release Date: 2/6/1936

The Stooges are exterminators who drum up business by supplying the insects and mice, and crash a high society party. Director Preston Black is actually famous Stooges producer and director Jules Whites older brother, Jack White. He changed his name to hide income from his divorced wife. Clark Kimball Young was a silent film star. Read More »

Movie Maniacs

Release Date: 2/20/1936

The Stooges travel to Hollywood seeking fame and fortune in the movies, and are mistaken for studio bigshots. Actress Milred Harris was Charlie Chaplans first wife. Read More »

Half-Shot Shooters

Release Date: 4/30/1936

The Stooges serve in the military. After being discharged, the Stooges are tricked into enlisting again to serve the same angry sergeant. First short in which the Stooges actually get killed. Debut of Stooge supporting actor Vernon Dent. Read More »

Disorder in the Court

Release Date: 5/30/1936

The Stooges are key witnesses in a murder trial, and create havoc in the courtroom. The plot involves a murder mystery with the question “Who killed Kirk Robbin?” Polly, the parrot, has the answer. Famous swearing in scene with Curly. Sol Horowtiz, father of Moe, Curly and Shemp makes his lone Stooge film appearance in the audience. First Stooge short to spell Curly as “Curly” and not “Curley.” Read More »

A Pain in the Pullman

Release Date: 6/27/1936

The Stooges are an unemployed vaudeville act living in a boarding house. Without money to pay the rent, the boys and their pet monkey sneak out of the boarding house to catch a train with the rest of the shows cast. Their pet monkey causes havoc on the train. First appearance by Stooge supporting actress Ethelreda Leopard. This is the longest Stooge short at Columbia. Read More »

False Alarms

Release Date: 8/16/1936

The Stooges are inept firemen and almost lose their jobs. Curly is encouraged by his girlfriend and her friends to call Moe and Larry to join them. Instead of calling them on the telephone, Curly pulls the fire alarm. To get to the fire on time, Moe and Larry take the chiefs car and crash it. Read More »

Whoops, I’m an Indian

Release Date: 9/11/1936

The Stooges are caught cheating at roulette and disguise themselves as Indians. Curly is mistaken as an Indian girl and gets married to Pierre (Bud Jamison). Pierre says: “You keep my wigwam?”; Curly: “You keep your own wig warm!” Read More »

Slippery Silks

Release Date: 12/27/1936

The Stooges begin as antique furniture restorers, and after destroying a rare Chinese cabinet, they inherit the Madame de France dress shop. First Stooges cream dessert fight. Read More »