Grips, Grunts and Groans

Release Date: 1/15/1937

Fighter Ivan Bustoff takes a liking to the Stooges, so they are hired by the champs manager to keep Bustoff out of trouble. When they accidentally knock Bustoff cold, Curly has to take his place in the ring. Read More »

Dizzy Doctors

Release Date: 3/19/1937

The Stooges are lazy-bum husbands, inept salesmen, and misfit fugitives in a hospital. The hospital scene, like “Men In Black,” is located at Los Angeles Hospital. First Stooge short in which all the Stooges are married. Read More »

3 Dumb Clucks

Release Date: 4/17/1937

The Stooges try to prevent their millionaire father, who has divorced their mother, from marrying a young gold digger. Curly plays a dual role as Curly and father. Read More »

Back to the Woods

Release Date: 5/14/1937

Lawbreakers in England, the Stooges are sent by the government to the new colonies to help fight the “red man savage.” Last of seven shorts directed by Jack White, aka Preston Black. Read More »

Goofs and Saddles

Release Date: 7/2/1937

General Muster dispatches the Stooges to catch cattle rustlers. Curly is Buffalo Billius, Moe is Wild Bill Hiccup and Larry is Just Plain Bill. Read More »

Cash and Carry

Release Date: 9/3/1937

The Stooges are gold prospectors housed in the city dump. The are sent on a treasure hunt and dig through to a Federal Bank. Debut of Stooge scriptor Elwood Ullman. Read More »

The Sitter Downers

Release Date: 11/26/1937

A man refuses his daughters permission to marry the Stooges so they stage a sit down strike in his house and win the nations sympathy. The lovebirds are awarded a free house which the Stooges have to assemble. Read More »