Termites of 1938

Release Date: 1/7/1938

The Stooges are exterminators at Acme Exterminator Co., and provide their “services” at a swanky mansion. Stooge motto: “At your service day and night, we do the job and do it right, A-C-M-E.” Read More »

Tassels in the Air

Release Date: 4/1/1938

The Stooges are mistaken for Omay, the famous interior decorator. This short is a partial reworking of “Luncheon At Twelve” (1933), also directed and co-produced by Charley Chase. Read More »

Flat Foot Stooges

Release Date: 5/13/1938

The Stooges are firemen and take the firehouse ponies to a Turkish bath for a massage. First use of the introductory theme music “Three Blind Mice.” First appearance by Stooge supporting actor Dick Curtis. Read More »

Healthy, Wealthy and Dumb

Release Date: 5/20/1938

Radio contest winners, the Stooges run up a large tab at the Hotel Costa Plente, and are the target of three gold diggers. First use of Stooges collapsing triple bunk beds. Lucille Lund plays “Daisy” again, as she did in “3 dumb clucks.” This short was later remade with Shemp in “A Missed Fortune” (1952). Read More »

Violent is the Word for Curly

Release Date: 7/2/1938

The Stooges pose as professors at Mildew College. Contains classic Stooge song “Swinging the Alphabet.” Curly suffered some scorching while strapped to the spit above an open flame. Title is a parody of “Valiant is the Word for Carrie,” an RK movie (1936). Read More »

Three Missing Links

Release Date: 7/29/1938

B.O. Botswaddle is looking for a new star to appear in a jungle epic so they cast Curly as a gorilla. First Stooge short directed by famous Stooge director and producer Jules White. Dr. Ba Loni Sulami played by John Lester Johnson; He also played the man from Borneo in the classic Our Gangs “The Kid From Borneo” (1933) (“Eat em up, Yum! Yum!”). Read More »

Mutts to You

Release Date: 10/14/1938

The Stooges are the operators of a dog laundry who find what they think is an abandoned baby. They next learn they are wanted for kidnapping the child. Read More »