Three Little Sew and Sews

Release Date: 1/6/1939

The Stooges are tailors in the Navy. This is the second short in which the Stooges are killed. However, they become angels at the end of this one. Read More »

We Want Our Mummy

Release Date: 2/24/1939

Detective Stooges travel to Egypt to find a missing Egyptology professor and the cursed mummy of King Rutentuten. First time the Stooges find themselves in a scary/haunted situation. “Three Blind Mice” becomes the permanent theme song for all Stooge shorts from this film on. Read More »

A Ducking They Did Go

Release Date: 4/7/1939

The Stooges are conned into selling shares in a phony duck hunting club. Their first customers are the Mayor and the Police Department. Read More »

Yes, We Have No Bonanza

Release Date: 5/19/1939

Out West, the Stooges are waiters who take up prospecting to help out their sweethearts. But what they dig up is the buried loot from a recent bank robbery. Read More »

Saved By the Belle

Release Date: 6/30/1939

The Stooges are salesmen stranded south of the border, and caught in the middle of a revolution. Last Stooge short directed by Charley Chase who died the next year in 1940. Read More »

Calling All Curs

Release Date: 8/25/1939

Mrs. Bedford’s prize poodle is dognapped from the Stooges’ animal hospital, and they must get the poodle back! Famous Curly quote: “I’m tryin’ to think, but nothin’ happens!” Read More »

Oily to Bed, Oily to Rise

Release Date: 10/6/1939

When the Stooges discover oil on the widow Jenkins’ property, they have to retrieve the deed from swindlers. First appearances by Stooge supporting actor Richard Fiske, and actress Adrian Booth, aka Lorna Gray. Later remade with Joe Besser in “Oils Well That Ends Well” (1958). Read More »

Three Sappy People

Release Date: 12/1/1939

The Stooges masquerade as Drs. Ziller, Zeller and Zoller, eminent psychiatrists, to diagnose a flamboyant newlywed. Features classic cream puff fight. One actually became lodged in Adrian Booth’s (Lorna Gray) mouth and she needed emergency medical assistance on the set. Read More »