So Long, Mr. Chumps

Release Date: 2/7/1941

Larry, Moe and Curly are on a quest to find an honest man, and they finally find one in jail! Title is a parody of MGMs “Goodbye Mr. Chips” (1939). Read More »

Dutiful but Dumb

Release Date: 3/21/1941

The Stooges are candid cameramen assigned by WHACK! Magazine to bring back photos of a top secret ray machine from Vulgaria a military dictatorship where photographers are usually shot. Famous Stooge scene in which Curly does battle for the first time with a feisty oyster in his oyster soup. Read More »

All The World’s a Stooge

Release Date: 5/16/1941

Ajax Bullion, the millionaire, has a wife who wants to do the “in” thing by adopting war refugees. The Stooges are fugitives from an irate dentist. Mr. Bullion tries to turn figutive Stooges into wartime “refugees” by dressing them as children. Famous Stooge dentist scene. Read More »

I’ll Never Heil Again

Release Date: 7/14/1941

The king of Moronica and his daughter plot the downfall of the dictator Hailstone (Moe). Looked upon as sequel to previous years wartime satire – “You Nazty Spy!” (1940) as the Stooges continue to parody Nazi Germany and the axis powers. Read More »

An Ache in Every Stake

Release Date: 8/22/1941

The Stooges are ice men who take on new jobs as kitchen help for a fancy birthday party. Famous Stooge scene in which Curly “shaves” the ice. Later partially remade with Shemp in “Listen, Judge” (1952). Read More »

In the Sweet Pie and Pie

Release Date: 10/16/1941

The Stooges are convicts who win freedom to be with Three gold digging women: Tiska, Taska and Baska. The catch is that the Stooges have to become accepted into “society.” Contains the mother of all pie fights for Stooge films. Final Stooge appearance by Stooges supporting actor Richard Fiske, who was killed in World War II. Read More »

Some More of Samoa

Release Date: 12/4/1941

Drs. Howard, Fine and Howard are tree surgeons who search for the rare and maigcial persimmon tree on the cannibal isle of Rhum Boogie. Read More »