Loco Boy Makes Good

Release Date: 1/8/1942

The Stooges help a little old lady by transforming her run-down hotel into a posh nightclub. During show time, Curly gets the magicians coat by mistake. Read More »

Cactus Makes Perfect

Release Date: 2/26/1942

The Stooges mother kicks them out of the house and they are scammed into buying a lost mine. Soon Curly is using his invention (the collar button locator) to make a fortune. Read More »

What’s The Matador?

Release Date: 4/23/1942

The Stooges take their comedy bullfighting act to Mexico and run afoul of a jealous husband who arranges for Curly to meet a real bull in the ring. Later remade with Joe Besser in “Sappy Bull Fighters” (1958). Read More »


Release Date: 7/2/1942

To save an innocent slave girl forced into marriage with the nearsighted Emperor Octopus Grabus, Curly takes her place on the wedding night. Harry Edwards directing debut of Stooge shorts. Read More »

Three Smart Saps

Release Date: 7/30/1942

Its the Stooges to the rescue when they find out their sweethearts father, the local warden, has been imprisoned by a crooked administration. Read More »

Even As I.O.U.

Release Date: 9/18/1942

The Stooges decide to make a worthwhile investment of a little girls savings betting on the races. At the track, Curly meets up with a talking horse. Read More »

Sock-A-Bye Baby

Release Date: 11/13/1942

The Stooges resign themselves to parenthood when a distraught woman leaves her baby on their doorstep, but they are later taken as childnappers. Remake of previous Stooge short “Mutts to You” (1938). Read More »