They Stooge to Conga

Release Date: 1/1/1943

The Stooges are fix-it men who stumble across a nest of Nazi spies. Third film after “You Nazty Spy!” (1939) and “Ill Never Heil Again” (1940) to parody Hitler and the Nazis during World War II. Read More »

Dizzy Detectives

Release Date: 2/5/1943

The Stooges begin as handymen and then join the police force to solve the ape man burglaries. Later remade twice in “Fraidy Cat” (1951) and “Hook a Crook” (1955). Read More »

Spook Louder

Release Date: 4/2/1943

The Stooges emerge as key characters in a story told by a detective to a reporter about the breaking up of the Great Spy Ring. Parody against Japanese spies in World War II. Charles Middleton (the Butler) is best known for his role as “Ming the Merciless” in the “Flash Garden” series. Read More »

Back From the Front

Release Date: 5/28/1943

The Stooges are merchant marines Inky, Winky and Dinky who confront the Nazis at sea. This is the fifth World War II film from the Stooges which parody the Nazis and Japanese during World War II. Read More »

Three Little Twirps

Release Date: 7/9/1943

The Stooges crash a circus and wind up a part of the featured act as targets for the Sulton of Abbadabba, a spear chucking wildman. This was Harry Edwards second and last Stooge short that he directed. The Stooges reportedly requested never to work with him again and he was later fired by Columbia. Read More »

Higher Than a Kite

Release Date: 7/30/1943

After messing up in the motorpool, the Stooges go AWOL in what they think is a sewer pipe. But its actually a blockbuster bomb headed for Nazi Germany. Sixth World War II film from the Stooges. Read More »

I Can Hardly Wait

Release Date: 8/13/1943

Defense workers Moe and Larry are kept awake when curly suffers from a troublesome tooth. When home remedies fail, its off to the dentist. Read More »

Dizzy Pilots

Release Date: 9/24/1943

The Stooges are the Wrong Brothers, aviators trying to sell a new airplane to the government to avoid the draft. Moe takes unusual punishment when covered with a batch of inflatable rubber. Read More »

Phony Express

Release Date: 11/18/1943

In order to scare off a group of rowdies, the Mayor of Peaceful Gulch prints flyers saying a famous lawman is coming to clean up the town. But the accompanying photo is from a wanted poster for three vagrants who then show up. Last of nine Stooge shorts in which Monte Collins was involved as an actor or writer. Read More »

A Gem of a Jam

Release Date: 12/30/1943

Stooge janitors are mistaken for doctors by crooks. Curly trips into a tray of plaster and arises as a ghost scaring everyone except the police, who arrest the crooks. Read More »