Crash Goes the Hash

Release Date: 2/5/1944

Its suspected that a society matron, Mrs. Van Bustle, will marry the exotic Prince Shaam. To get the story, reporters Curly, Larry and Moe take jobs in her mansion as a cook and two butlers. The parrot climbing into the turkey scene is a Stooge classic. This was the last of many Stooge appearances by supporting actor Bud Jamison, who passed away in September, 1944, at the age of 50. First appearance by Stooge supporting actress Judy Malcom. Read More »

Busy Buddies

Release Date: 3/19/1944

The Stooges, not faring well with their diner, enter Curly in a milking contest at the County Fair. But when they take him to a pasture to practice, Curly doesnt know a cow from a bull! Read More »

The Yoke’s on Me

Release Date: 5/26/1944

The Stooges become farmers as a last resort when every branch of the armed services turns them down. Strong anti-Japanese content during World War II caused this short to later be banned from television. Read More »

Idle Roomers

Release Date: 7/16/1944

Hotel workers, Moe, Larry and Curly run afoul of a showmans latest exhibit a wolfman who hates music! Debut of Stooge supporting actress Christine McIntyre. Read More »

Gents Without Cents

Release Date: 9/22/1944

The Stooges are entertainers and meet up with three dancers, Flo, Mary and Shirley. The Stooges then move from rags to riches and find love along the way. Famous for the “Niagra Falls” scene. Read More »

No Dough Boys

Release Date: 11/24/1944

Anti-Nazi and Japanese satire during World War II. The Stooges are mistaken for Japanese soldiers by Nazi spies. The expression “Dough Boys” means G.I.s. Read More »