Three Pests in a Mess

Release Date: 1/19/1945

The Stooges are mistaken for sweepstakes winners and are chased into a sporting goods shop. Curly fires a rifle hitting a mannequin thinking he has killed a man. The Stooges go to the pet cemetery to bury the evidence. Mr. Black and his partners show up at the cemetery from a costume party as devil and a skeleton and scare the Stooges out of the cemetery. Read More »

Booby Dupes

Release Date: 3/17/1945

The Stooges are fish salesmen with a better idea theyll buy their own boat, catch their own fish and eliminate the middleman. But its an idea that wont hold water as the Stooges are mistaken for the Japanese enemy in World War II. Last Stooge war film. Read More »

Idiots Deluxe

Release Date: 7/20/1945

Having suffered a nervous breakdown, Moe is taken for an outing in the country, tangles with a car driving bear and ends up on trial for assaulting Curly and Larry. Later remade with Joe Besser in “Guns A Poppin!” (1957). Read More »

If a Body Meets a Body

Release Date: 8/30/1945

Curly Q. Link is heir to the late millionaire Bob O. Link. But when the Stooges go to claim the inheritance, they find themselves marooned in a spooky haunted house where a couple of murders have taken place. Read More »


Release Date: 11/15/1945

While fooling around at a recording studio, Curly is mistaken for a lovely soprano opera singer and is asked to sing at a society party. Features Christine McIntyre singing “The Voices of Spring.” Producer Hugh McCollum had asked Ed Bernds to write a script to display Christine McIntyres singing voice. First release of a Stooge short directed by Ed Bernds, although his first directing was “A Bird in the Head” (1946) released by Columbia the following year. Debut of Stooge supporting actor Gino Corrado. Read More »