Beer Barrel Polecats

Release Date: 1/10/1946

Trouble brews when the Stooges decide to make their own beer. Oh no, they all put in the yeast! Contains footage from previous Stooge shorts “In the Sweet Pie and Pie” (1941) and “So Long, Mr. Chumps” (1941). Read More »

A Bird in the Head

Release Date: 2/28/1946

A mad scientist wants to transplant a human brain into the skull of a gorilla and Curlys is just the right size! Read More »

Uncivil Warbirds

Release Date: 3/29/1946

Civil war breaks out between the states, but the Stooges dont know which side their state will be on. Moe and Larry join the Union, Curly the Confderates. Last appearance of Stooge supporting actor John Tyrrell. Read More »

Three Troubledoers

Release Date: 4/25/1946

The fair Nell vows to marry Sheriff “Coney Island” Curly if he rescues her father from the clutches of the villainous Badlands Blackie. Read More »

Monkey Businessmen

Release Date: 6/20/1946

The Stooges seek rest and relaxation at a sanitarium run by a quack named Doc Mallard. Debut of Stooge supporting actor Kenneth MacDonald. Curlys health was reportedly degenerating badly at this point such that Moe had to help Curly with many of his lines in filming this short. Read More »

Three Loan Wolves

Release Date: 7/4/1946

The Stooges recount to their ward how they came to adopt him. A woman left him with Larry at the Stooges pawn shop. Debut of supporting Stooge actor Harold Brauer. Read More »

G.I. Wanna Home

Release Date: 9/5/1946

Stooges return home from the war to find themselves in the middle of the housing shortage and their sweethearts out on the street. Read More »

Rhythm and Weep

Release Date: 10/3/1946

Unsuccessful musicians Moe, Larry and Curly decide to end it all by jumping from a skyscraper, where they meet three unsuccessful dancers and a strange man “afflicted with millions.” Debut of Stooge supporting actress Ruth Godfrey (White), Jules Whites daughter-in-law. Read More »

Three Little Pirates

Release Date: 12/5/1946

The Stooges are shipwrecked on an island run by an evil governor whose ward promises to help the boys escape if theyll take her with them. Contains famous Maharaja scene later used again with Curly-Joe in “The Three Stooges Go Around The World In A Daze.” Read More »