Quiz Whizz

Release Date: 2/13/1958

Joe wins a $15,000 jackpot and the Boys find hes invested the money in Consolidated Fujiyama California Smog Bags. Read More »

Fifi Blows Her Top

Release Date: 4/10/1958

Joe frets about his long-lost love Fifi, and the Boys reminisce about long-lost loves. Remake of Stooge short “Love At First Bite” (1950). Read More »

Pies and Guys

Release Date: 6/12/1958

The Stooges are the subject of a bet over whether heredity or environment molds gentlemen. Remake of Stooge short “Half-Wits Holiday” (1947). Read More »

Flying Saucer Daffy

Release Date: 10/9/1958

The Stooges try to cash in on a phony photo of a flying saucer. Although 3 other shorts were released later, this is the last Stooge short actually filmed at Columbia Pictures in December, 1957. On the last day of shooting the film, December 20, 1957, Columbia advised the Boys that their contract was terminated. Thus, the Three Stooges 24 consecutive years at Columbia came to an abrupt end. Read More »

Triple Crossed

Release Date: 2/2/1959

Larrys a philanderer in love with Joes fiance and Moes wife. Remake of Stooge short “He Cooked His Goose” (1952). Read More »

Sappy Bullfighters

Release Date: 6/4/1959

The Stooges get jobs in a bull ring and Joe has to fight the bull. Remake of Stooge short “Whats The Matador” (1942). Last Stooge short released by Columbia Pictures featuring The Three Stooges. Read More »