Shivering Sherlocks

Release Date: 1/8/1948

The Stooges are in the wrong place at the wrong time when an armored car is robbed. Meanwhile the real criminals want to make sure the Stooges cant identify them. The last of 39 Stooge shorts directed by Del Lord. Later remade in “Of Cash and Hash” (1955). Read More »

Pardon My Clutch

Release Date: 2/26/1948

The Stooges try to help an ailing Shemp by purchasing a “lemon” car to take to the country. Later remade in “Wham-Bam-Slam” (1955). Read More »

Squareheads of the Round Table

Release Date: 3/4/1948

Troubadour Stooges play Cupid by helping a lonely blacksmith unite with his true love the daughter of King Arthur. The Stooges serenade of the Princess Elain is a highlight. Debut of Stooge supporting actor Philip Van Zandt. Later remade in “Knutzy Knights” (1954). Read More »

Fiddlers Three

Release Date: 5/6/1948

The Stooges are court fiddlers who try to solve the kidnapping of the Kings daughter. Later remade in “Musty Musketeers” (1954). Read More »

The Hot Scots

Release Date: 7/8/1948

To impress Scotland Yard, amateur detectives Moe, Larry, and Shemp visit Glenheather Castle on the cold Scottish moors to solve a crime. Later remade in “Scotched in Scotland” (1954). Read More »

Heavenly Daze

Release Date: 9/2/1948

Shemp is an angel returning to Earth to reform his corrupt cousins Moe and Larry. Moe plays 2 roles, including Uncle Mortimer. Later remade in “Bedlam in Paradise” (1955). Read More »

I’m a Monkey’s Uncle

Release Date: 10/7/1948

The Stooges are cavemen in the Stone Age who must fight for their mates Aggie, Maggie and Baggie. Later remade in “Stone Age Romeos” (1955). Read More »

Mummy’s Dummies

Release Date: 11/4/1948

In ancient Egypt, the Stooges are Honest Moe, Honest Shemp and Just Plain Larry used chariot dealers who use their half-wits to get in favor with the King. Read More »

Crime on Their Hands

Release Date: 12/9/1948

The Stooges are furniture upholsterers seeking to be reporters. They investigate a diamond theft and end up solving the case. Later remade in “Hot Ice” (1955). Read More »