The Ghost Talks

Release Date: 2/3/1949

The Stooges are movers from A to Z Express Co. assigned in Smorgasbord Castle where they learn the legend of Peeping Tom, accused of peeping at Lady Godiva. Later remade in “Creeps” (1956). Read More »

Who Done It?

Release Date: 3/3/1949

Detective Stooges are hired to protect Councilman Goodrich from the evil Phantom Gang. Later remade in “For Crimin Out Loud” (1956). Read More »

Hokus Pokus

Release Date: 5/5/1949

The Stooges get hypnotized by the great Svengarlic and bust an insurance scam. Later remade in “Flagpole Jitters” (1956). Read More »

Fuelin’ Around

Release Date: 7/7/1949

Larry, mistaken for a famous professor, is kidnapped by foreign spies eager to learn the formula for a new secret rocket fuel. Later remade in “Hot Stuff” (1956). Read More »

Malice in the Palace

Release Date: 9/1/1949

The Stooges are waiters in the Middle East looking for a hundred carat diamond in the ancient tomb of King Rutentuten. Remade in “Rumpus in the Harem” (1956). Read More »

Vagabond Loafers

Release Date: 10/6/1949

Norfleet Mansion is seriously plagued with leaky pipes, and so the butler summons Day and Nite Plumbers. Moe, Larry and Shemp reroute the plumbing and recover a painting stolen by a pair of crooks. Last Stooge film for Stooge supporting actors Dudley Dickerson and Symona Boniface. Remake of earlier Stooges short “A Plumbing We Will Go” (1940). Later remade again in Stooge short “Scheming Schemers” (1956). Read More »

Dunked in the Deep

Release Date: 11/3/1949

The Stooges foil a spy carrying secret microfilm in watermelons. Debut of Stooge supporting actor Gene Roth. Remade in “Commotion In The Ocean” (1956). Read More »