Punchy Cowpunchers

Release Date: 1/5/1950

The Stooges are in the U.S. Cavalry in the Old West. They are sent undercover to the Red Dog Saloon to capture the killer Dillons. Read More »

Hugs and Mugs

Release Date: 2/2/1950

Three conniving women try to woo the Stooges out of a priceless necklace also pursued by mobsters. Debut of Stooge supporting actress Nanette Bordeaux. Read More »

Dopey Dicks

Release Date: 3/2/1950

The Stooges encounter a mad scientist seeking a human head for his mechanical man. Read More »

Love at First Bite

Release Date: 5/4/1950

The Stooges are getting married and recount how they met their brides to be. Remade with Joe Besser in “Fifi Blows Her Top” (1958). Read More »

Self-Made Maids

Release Date: 7/6/1950

The Stooges play both themselves and the part of their loved ones Lorraine, Moella and Shempetta. Father of the “girls” also played by Moe. Read More »

Studio Stoops

Release Date: 10/5/1950

Working at a motion picture studio, the Stooges get a great idea for a publicity stunt their newest starlet will disappear. But when some crooks get wind of the idea, the actress is kidnapped for real. Read More »

Slaphappy Sleuths

Release Date: 11/9/1950

The Onion Oil Company is in deep financial trouble. Many of their gasoline stations have been held up by a gang of organized mobsters. To solve the case, the company utilizes three brainy but stupid looking private detectives posing as gas station attendants. Who else? The Three Stooges. Read More »

A Snitch in Time

Release Date: 12/7/1950

Furniture makers Moe, Larry and Shemp promise to decorate the boarding house run by Miss Scudder, a customer Moe is sweet on. But they dont know a gang of crooks are using her place for a hideout. Read More »