Three Arabian Nuts

Release Date: 1/4/1951

The Stooges run a storage company, and two cutthroats will do anything to get their hands on an item that came in for a collector. It is a magic lamp. Shemp, however, was already discovered the “Genius of the Lamp.” Read More »

Scrambled Brains

Release Date: 7/7/1951

Shemp suffers from hallucinations which lead him to his own wedding. Classic Stooge scene in the telephone booth. Read More »


Release Date: 11/1/1951

A motion picture studio buys a South Seas Island, and sends the Stooges there to teach the natives to dance. But no one said anything about headhunters! Read More »

Pest Man Wins

Release Date: 12/6/1951

The Stooges are exterminators who drum up business by supplying the insects and mice. Remake of Stooges short “Ants in the Pantry” (1936). Read More »