A Missed Fortune

Release Date: 1/3/1952

Shemp works on a slogan contest that could win him $10,000. Remake of Stooge short “Healthy, Wealthy & Dumb” (1938). Read More »

Listen, Judge

Release Date: 3/6/1952

The Stooges are repairmen who wind up in court on a vagrancy charge. They are released on lack of evidence and are soon hired to fix a ladys doorbell. Their work annoys the chef, the butler and waiter, causing them to quit. The woman next hires the Stooges for her husbands birthday party. Their explosive cake lands all over her husband, who then recognizes them, since he was the judge who tried them. Read More »

Corny Casanovas

Release Date: 5/1/1952

The Stooges each try proposing to the same girl, Mabel. The boys soon find that each Stooge has been double crossing each other and a fight ensures and Mabel escapes. First appearance by Stooge supporting actress Connie (Consuelo) Cezan. Remade with Joe Besser in “Rusty Romeos” (1957). Read More »

He Cooked His Goose

Release Date: 7/3/1952

Larry becomes a philanderer in love with both Shemps fiance Millie and Moes wife Belle. First appearance by Stooge supporting actress Diana Darrin. Remade with Joe Besser in “Triple Crossed” (1959). Read More »

Gents in a Jam

Release Date: 7/4/1952

Shemp is heir to his uncle Phineas million dollar fortune. Last Stooge short directed by Ed Bernds. Read More »

Three Dark Horses

Release Date: 10/16/1952

A crooked campaign manager recruits the Stooges as delegates “Who are too dumb to think and wholl do what we tell them.” Read More »

Cuckoo on a Choo Choo

Release Date: 12/4/1952

A satirization of the Oscar winning film “A Street Car Named Desire” (1951). Larry mimics Brando in the story which takes place on a railroad car named Schmow. The most controversial Stooge short. While it is considered by some to be the most daring, contemporary and innovative of all Stooge shorts, others contend it is the worst Stooge short ever made. Read More »