Up in Daisy’s Penthouse

Release Date: 2/5/1953

The Stooges are sent by their mother to stop their rich fathers plan to remarry. Shemp plays dual role as Shemp and Father. Remake of Stooge short “Three Dumb Clucks” (1937). Read More »

Booty and the Beast

Release Date: 3/5/1953

The Stooges are tricked into cracking a safe for a crooked lawyer. Remake of Stooge short “Hold That Lion” (1947). Read More »

Loose Loot

Release Date: 4/2/1953

The Stooges chase down a crooked investment broker who stole their inheritance. Portions of Stooge short “Hold That Lion” (1947) used in this short. Read More »

Tricky Dicks

Release Date: 5/7/1953

The Stooges are police detectives involved in solving the murder case of who killed slug Magurk. Read More »


Release Date: 6/15/1953

The Stooges are detectives who encounter a mad doctor planning to do a brain transplant on a damsel-in-distress. First Stooge short in 3-D. Read More »

Pardon My Backfire

Release Date: 8/15/1953

It has been 10 years since the Boys proposed to Betty, Hettie and Nettie and the girls father insists the wedding occur soon or else. Second and final 3-D Stooge short. Read More »

Rip, Sew and Stitch

Release Date: 9/3/1953

The Stooges hunt for bank robber “Slippery Fingers” Hargen. Remake of Stooge short “Sing a Song of Six Pants” (1947). Read More »

Bubble Trouble

Release Date: 10/8/1953

The Stooges are pharmacists. They invent a fountain of youth vitamin that turns an old lady into a beautiful young girl. Remake of Stooge short “All Gummed Up” (1947). Read More »

Goof on the Roof

Release Date: 12/3/1953

The Stooges help their pal install his new TV and antenna. This was Clyde Bruckmans final script for the Stooges. Read More »