Musty Musketeers

Release Date: 5/13/1954

The Stooges are court fiddlers to the king and seek to marry Tillyeth, Millyeth and Lillyeth. Remake of Stooges short “Fiddlers Three” (1948). Read More »

Pals and Gals

Release Date: 6/3/1954

In the Old West, Nell enlists the Stooges to help free her sisters from the evil Doc Barker. Remake of Stooge short “Out West” (1947) with some film footage from “Goofs and Saddles” (1937). Read More »

Knutzy Knights

Release Date: 9/2/1954

The Stooges are troubadours who help the princess and Cedric the blacksmith unite in love and save the kingdom. Remake of “Squareheads of the Round Table” (1948). Read More »

Shot in the Frontier

Release Date: 10/7/1954

Parody of Stanley Kramers Western classic “High Noon” (1952). The Stooges are newlyweds out West and the villainous Noonan boys are arriving on the noon train to shoot it out with the Boys. Read More »

Scotched in Scotland

Release Date: 11/4/1954

The Stooges are sent as detectives to Spooky Glenheather Castle in Scotland. Remake of Stooge short “The Hot Scots” (1948). Read More »