Fling in the Ring

Release Date: 1/6/1955

The Stooges manage a fighter, Chappel Kane, and are told by gangsters that he better lose the fight against Gorilla Watson or the Stooges will “End up in Concrete Kimonos.” Remake of Stooge short “Fright Night” (1947). Read More »

Of Cash and Hash

Release Date: 2/3/1955

The Stooges find themselves in the middle of a gun battle after robbers knock off an armored car. Remake of Stooge short “Shivering Sherlocks” (1948). Read More »

Bedlam in Paradise

Release Date: 4/14/1955

Shemp can ony get to heaven if he can reform Larry and Moe. Remake of Stooge short “Heavenly Daze” (1948). Read More »

Stone Age Romeos

Release Date: 6/2/1955

The Stooges are told they will be paid $50,000 if they find evidence that cavemen existed. Remake of Stooge short “Im A Monkeys Uncle” (1948). Read More »


Release Date: 9/1/1955

Shemp is ill and Larry recommends to use his friend Claude A. Quacker to cure Shemps nerves. Remake of Stooge short “Pardon my Clutch” (1948). Read More »

Hot Ice

Release Date: 10/6/1955

The Stooges are detectives looking for the Punjab Diamond. Remake of Stooge short “Crime On Their Hands” (1948). Read More »

Blunder Boys

Release Date: 11/3/1955

A spoof on the “Dragnet” television series features Moe as Detective Halliday, Larry as Detective Tarraday and Shemp as St. Patricks Day. The Boys disguise themselves as women and go undercover to catch a thief. Shemps last completed original film. Read More »