The Three Stooges with Ted Healy

Soup to Nuts

Release Date: 9/28/1930

Ted Healy and his Stooges debut in their first feature film. The Stooges are part time firemen who break up a swank party, and later appear as members of an army of Mexican revolutionists. Read More »

Nertsery Rhymes

Release Date: 7/6/1933

As children, the Stooges are unable to sleep in their oversized crib and ask their father, Ted Healy, to tell them a bedtime story. Read More »

Turn Back the Clock

Release Date: 8/25/1933

Their MGM contract called for the Stooges to appear in a variety of studio projects. They ultimately appeared in five feature films, none of which were in starring roles. Turn Back the Clock was their first MGM feature. Read More »

Beer and Pretzels

Release Date: 8/26/1933

Ted Healy and the 3 Stooges are fired and evicted from a theatre because Ted is annoys women working there. They then get jobs as waiters at a night club. Chaos leads to destruction of the business. At the end, Ted pursues another woman. Read More »

Hello Pop!

Release Date: 9/16/1933

The final musical short that the Stooges and Healy made at MGM. No prints or negatives of this short are known to exist, which makes it unique in the Stooge corpus. Read More »

Plane Nuts

Release Date: 10/14/1933

Ted Healy and His Stooges alternate mildly risque vaudeville routines with semi-elaborate Berkeleyesque musical numbers with beautiful chorines. Read More »

Meet the Baron

Release Date: 10/20/1933

This film was produced as a vehicle for Jack Pearl’s career. His radio characterization of the legendary Baron Munchausen delighted audiences of the time. Some felt that The Three Stooges nearly stole the show, however. For the first time, the Stooges portray tradesmen, a situation they will use countless times in the future. Read More »

Dancing Lady

Release Date: 11/24/1933

The highest profile film that the Stooges ever made. Breaking MGM box office records, it co-starred the emerging Clark Gable and Joan Crawford in one of her spunkiest roles. Dancing Lady is a formulaic Depression-era backstage musical. The Stooges only appear briefly, but they provide comic relief to the tension between the high-strung director and the love-torn show girl. Read More »

Fugitive Lovers

Release Date: 1/5/1934

Once again playing show business people, the Stooges have only a limited role in Fugitive Lovers. They play a vaudevillian team of brothers led by Moe, who repeatedly fears that his throat is closing up on him. The film signifies the separation of the Stooges and Ted Healy. Read More »

Hollywood on Parade

Release Date: 3/30/1934

A rare and vintage appearance of the Stooges in this very brief Short released by Paramount (Criterion Pictures). Also features Jimmy Durante, Rudy Valle, Ben Turpin, Bonnie Bonnell and Florence Desmond. This was Curlys first film with the Stooges (without shaved head). Read More »