Fugitive Lovers

Release Date: 1/5/1934

Once again playing show business people, the Stooges have only a limited role in Fugitive Lovers. They play a vaudevillian team of brothers led by Moe, who repeatedly fears that his throat is closing up on him. The film signifies the separation of the Stooges and Ted Healy. Read More »

Hollywood on Parade

Release Date: 3/30/1934

A rare and vintage appearance of the Stooges in this very brief Short released by Paramount (Criterion Pictures). Also features Jimmy Durante, Rudy Valle, Ben Turpin, Bonnie Bonnell and Florence Desmond. This was Curlys first film with the Stooges (without shaved head). Read More »

The Big Idea

Release Date: 5/12/1934

Ted Healy’s writing is constantly interrupted by the Stooges and others. Read More »

Hollywood Party

Release Date: 6/1/1934

The Stooges were so undervalued at MGM at this time that they did not even warrant an actual invitation to the Hollywood Party in the film. They play autograph hounds who look for movie stars but encounter only Ted Healy and a quartet of scientists who identify the Stooges as primitive humanoid specimens. Read More »

Myrt and Marge

Release Date: 12/4/1934

Universal’s attempt at creating a film version of the radio tandem of Myrtle Vail and Donna Damerell, “Myrt and Marge, Radio’s Sweethearts.” The film gave Healy and the Stooges more screen time than any pre-Columbia feature film. They appear in 17 of 25 scenes, visually dominating two of them. They do five extended routines, giving us our longest look at their comic dynamics. Read More »