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The Three Stooges Big Box of Nyuks – Largest Collection of Stooge Content Ever Assembled

The Three Stooges Big Box of Nyuks is coming!! C3 Entertainment Licenses The Three Stooges® To Mill Creek Entertainment for the The Largest Collection of Stooge Content Ever Assembled GLENDALE, CA – October 9, 2017 – C3 Entertainment, Inc. has … Read More »

Nurses of The Three Stooges

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Welcome to The Three Stooges Nurses’ Station The Boys are always prepared for any emergency with a healthy dose of laughter. But we can always use the caring touch and comedic timing of a good nurse. In honor of #EmergencyNursesDay … Read More »

Men In Black

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Men In Black Production Information Studio: Columbia Production Number: 152 Release Date: 9/28/1934 Running Time: 18:02 “For Duty and Humanity.” – Larry, Moe and Curly “Calling Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard!” – P.A. loudspeaker  “We graduated with the highest temperatures in our class.” … Read More »

The Three Stooges Contest Giveaway Rules

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The contest is sponsored by The Three Stooges® website, The Campaign hosted by and is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with Facebook. Winner(s) must be willing to provide a valid email and mailing address. The information will … Read More »

CALL FOR ENTRIES: Shemptember with ShempInstead

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A big thank you to all the Shempions at Shemp Instead on Facebook. Please give them a LIKE and see all the entries. We received over 50 entries and every one made us laugh. Grand Prize Winner Round 1 Winner … Read More »

Three Stooges Short Takes: Shemptember

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The Three Stooges had 18 of their Columbia shorts released in September. We are featuring six that feature Shemp since it is Shemptember! Of course, Larry & Moe were in these shorts with Shemp along with several key supporting players. … Read More »

Shemptember is Here!

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Our 2nd Annual Shemptember is upon us. The Shempire will rise. Worlds will Collide, puns will fly and Hee-bee-bee-bees will be plentiful. Winner takes all! We will be having some fun contests with the hysterically clever ShempInstead and the maker of officially … Read More »

Celebrating The 34th Anniversary of The Three Stooges Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

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The next time you’re taking a stroll on Hollywood Boulevard, head south a bit to 1560 Vine Street and you will find The Three Stooges Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Yes, not all the stars are on Hollywood Boulevard. There simply isn’t enough room. Also it was decided to use Vine Street long ago with some of the real heavyweights from show business because Hollywood & Vine is the historic center of Hollywood. So The Boys are near the historical heart of the area, which is fitting. Read More »

The Three Stooges: August Short Takes

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The four shorts we selected to feature this month cover a 10 year period from 1935 to 1945. They include dogs, dancing, danger and a few dead bodies.  Hoi Polloi released August 29, 1935. “It ain’t the dippin’. It’s the countin’ … Read More »

A Plumbing We Will Go

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This classic starts off with The Three Stooges in court, accused of stealing chickens from Mrs. Throttlebottom’s chicken coop. Justice does not prevail, and the Stooges are found innocent. Now free, Moe, Larry, and Curly cause more mischief by fishing for their supper… in a fish tank in front of a pet store. Running from a cop, they steal a plumber’s truck for a getaway, stopping at a mansion where they’re mistaken for the real thing. Claiming they’re “the best plumbers to ever plumb a plum,” it’s not long before mayhem ensues. Read More »