We thought it was in true Stooges’ fashion to share some laughs with Military-themed film shorts! #MemorialDay

We begin with Uncivil Warriors (Released April 26, 1935). And, if you “wondah if this is the right place…” rest assured, it is. Check out our April Short Takes for more trivia and info about this classic Stooges’ short.

Another great entry in The Three Stooges military-themed shorts is Half Shot Shooters (Released April 30, 1936)

Curly “Hey, I wonder what this is.” Moe: “I don’t know. Pull it and find out.”

In Back from the Front (Released May 28, 1943), Curly performs the porthole on a ship gag which is also used in Dunked in the Deep and Commotion on the Ocean.

“What a day!”

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In honor of students graduating everywhere, here’s some higher learning from The Three Stooges in Violent is the Word for Curly.

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